Partner with a leader in Data Protection, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Empowering organizations with a complete business continuity solution, without excessive capital expenditure. ABS delivers enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations across the organization.


Solutions are engineered to deliver immediate IT value, while maintaining long term operational continuity. ABS Enterprise enables data backup/recovery and disaster recovery operations, providing business continuity with minimal onsite IT resources.

Data Protection SolutionsData Protection >

Data backup/recovery is the foundation of business continuity and disaster recovery. Companies must deploy the right data protection strategy, as some mediums will not provide complete recovery to normal operations. ABS data protection solutions ensure proper recovery with minimal downtime.

Business Continuity SolutionsBusiness Continuity >

Maintaining access to information systems, applications and data is critical. Achieve true business continuity with ABS Enterprise. Leverage local and offsite data storage, bare metal backup and hardware independent recovery, plus onsite and offsite virtual recovery.

Data Regulatory ComplianceData Regulatory Compliance >

Organizations are challenged with regulatory mandates for data storage, electronic transactions management and disaster recovery. Organizations must possess and test continuity plans for the storage and recovery of electronic records and communications.


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