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Complete Data Protection

Data protection is the primary platform of a business continuity plan. Data backup and recovery alone will not always ensure complete recovery to normal operations, but represents the foundation of business continuity management.

Best Practices

Organizations must implement a data protection strategy that appropriately manages risk. No single data backup solution is 100% reliable. Also, some mediums cannot deliver the level of protection organizations need to properly recover.

  • Tape backup solutions have up to a 40% recovery failure rate, come with high administrative costs and human error
  • Online backup solutions lack the ability to manage backups of critical databases or applications and operating systems
  • Both solutions are challenged with meeting efficient recovery timeframes for large data sets

Data protection should include user data, critical databases, applications and operating systems on servers and workstations across the organization. Local and offsite backup policies are advised for increased speed of backup/recovery executions and further redundancy.

Data Protection Solutions

ABS data protection solutions ensure any organization can properly recover and resume normal operations with minimal downtime.

ABS Enterprise

Leverage local disk-to-disk backup and recovery, plus advanced backup policies for user data, applications, critical databases and operating systems. Recovery is flexible and hardware independent.

Hybrid Data Protection

ABS Enterprise secures traditional data types such as files, folders and databases such as Microsoft Exchange® or Microsoft SQL®. Advanced policies ensure complete system coverage including OS, configuration, all applications, programs and databases. Backup images are stored locally and replicated to redundant offsite data storage facilities.

Achieve complete server and workstation recovery within minutes, drastically cutting downtimes.

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ABS File & Folder

To supplement a current onsite backup solution, ABS offers an online data backup and recovery solution for file/folder protection.

ABS Backup Data Protection

ABS File & Folder provides offsite data protection for servers, desktops and laptops. Data is automatically moved offsite to redundant facilities and securely stored with long-term history that you define. Backups are nearly transparent as ABS File & Folder manages the workflow of data backup, offsite data storage and data recovery.

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