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ABS File & Folder - Essential Features

Continuous Data Protection

Backups are performed automatically. Data backups can occur continuously (CDP) or based on a schedule you define. After the initial data backup, only new data or modifications to stored files are transferred, providing fast and efficient backup windows.

Immediate Data Recovery

Data can be restored as often as needed. You can retrieve individual files, past revisions of a file, entire folders and backup sets. The encrypted data is securely transmitted back to you and automatically decrypted upon entering your encryption password.

Secure Data Backup & Transfer

Data is transmitted and stored with the highest security protocols. Files are encrypted during backup, transmission and storage using 256-bit AES encryption. During setup, you create a character string that will be converted to a 256-bit encryption key. Every backed up file is encrypted using this key and remains so until it is restored.

For an additional layer of protection, the ABS data protection platform uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to establish a private communication path to the ABS DataVaults. Data is then replicated in real time to geographically diverse data storage facilities.

Online Data Backup & Secure Offsite Data Storage

Offsite Data Storage Facilities

Our datacenters provide the environment essential for the protection and security of customer data. Facilities feature state-of the-art smoke detection, fire suppression, climate control and security surveillance systems plus redundant power, telecommunications and climate resources. Both datacenters are equipped with redundant fail-safe systems for maximum protection throughout the entire backup and storage process.

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Alerts & Reporting

ABS’s reporting solution communicates the core details of your data backups. Automated email notifications are available for every backup job as well as user access date and time stamps for audit-based purposes.

Multiple Computers / Offices

Need to backup multiple computers or offices? ABS makes it simple to backup multiple computers and/or mapped drives, all integrated into one account.

Data Regulatory Compliance

ABS data vaulting protocols ensure compliance with regulatory standards: HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC/NASD and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

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Compatible with TapeBackup Operations

ABS File & Folder also works in conjunction with most tape backup platforms. Supported platforms include popular products from leading vendors such as Symantec, CA and Microsoft.

Efficient Backup Windows

Before the data is encrypted, ABS uses Data Compression technology to minimize bandwidth and storage. While typical text-based files types compress at a 4:1 ratio, you can usually assume a 2:1 compression ratio when backing up a file set with variety of types.  Bandwidth Throttling allows you to adjust the upload bandwidth in case other services take priority.

Data is selected to be transferred using Delta Block Processing technology, which enables only changes in files and new files to be detected and transferred, further minimizing bandwidth and storage use. 

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