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Site and Server Recovery

A downed server or site-wide outage can result in significant downtimes, up to weeks in some cases. More comprehensive than backup and restore, the ABS Enterprise leverages virtualization to provide organizations with a complete disaster recovery solution.

Onsite Server Virtualization

Onsite Virtualization

Downed server environments may be hosted in a VM instance via onsite ABS Continuity Appliance, while the issue is repaired. Once the server is back online, ABS Enterprise can then restore the newly provisioned server with a dataset including all updates since the occurrence.


Offsite Server Virtualization

Offsite Virtualization

For site-wide outages, users can be re-routed to continue accessing the computing environment via the ABS Recovery Site, located at the primary datacenter.


Recovery virtualization allows users to continue operations as the IT infrastructure is being addressed. Once complete, ABS Enterprise can provide efficient restoration of the system(s) affected, including the prior data state plus any new data added. Protection is available for an individual server or entire location and infrastructure.

Images of all applications and data are replicated and available for delivery based upon the specific recovery requirements - P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V. ABS can maintain an images of entire servers, workstations, or entire infrastructures that includes OS, applications, databases and configurations. Backup images of the protected machines including user data, OS, applications, databases and configuration are securely stored and available for recovery on the ABS Continuity Appliance or offsite via ABS DR Infrastructure. When an outage occurs, the backup image may be activated in a virtual environment and users re-routed to continue work, with minimal downtime.

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