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ABS Enterprise

A complete business continuity solution engineered for growing organizations. The solution provides Enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations across the business.

Service Plans

Service plan options include: cloud storage at single or bi-coastal facilities, unlimited local virtualizations, appliance monitoring and maintenance, 3-year hardware warranty, and ABS expert support to assist with disaster recovery situations. Plans are tiered according to the needs of the organization and available as:

  • Enhanced-DR:  Replication to geographically diverse data storage facilities,
    onsite and offsite host virtualization
  • Standard-DR: Replication to primary data storage facility, onsite and offsite
    host virtualization
  • Basic-DR:  Replication to primary data storage facility, onsite host
    virtualization only

How it Works

ABS Enterprise takes an initial full backup image including OS, applications, databases, user data and all configuration data. The image is stored locally on an ABS Continuity Appliance. After the initial backup, efficient incremental snapshots are taken; all data is securely replicated to ABS data storage facilities.

Onsite Virtualization

Quickly host the downed server(s) via locally stored ABS Continuity Appliance. Once the new hardware is prepared, the restoration procedure allows the new server to reflect the prior state, plus new data added.

Offsite Virtualization

For disaster or site-wide outage situations, users are re-routed to continue work by accessing the IT environment via ABS Recovery Site—located at the primary datacenter.

ABS Enterprise Diagram

ABS Continuity Appliances

Each unit is designed with Enterprise specifications and constructed with industry-leading hardware. As part of the Service Plan, ABS conducts regular monitoring and provides
2nd Level Partner Support for all deployed units.

  • Engineered for Enterprise requirements:
  •   • Enterprise grade SATA hot swap drives
  •   • DDR3 1333mhz ECC memory
  •   • 64Bit virtualization support
  •   • Quad & Six Core processors
  •   • RAID 6 or RAID 10 storage config
  •   • 500GB to 8TB+ units
              ABS Continuity Appliances

Offsite Disaster Recovery

ABS understands IT failover is a critical component to any business continuity plan. The ABS DR Infrastructure and advanced suite of High Availability solutions provide maximum business uptime, even in a disaster situation.

Enterprise Business Continuity

ABS offers flexible solutions for offsite disaster recovery. Protection is available for a single server or entire location and IT infrastructure. The ABS DR offering is comprised of three service level options:

  • Offsite DR, per incidence - allows backup images stored in the ABS DR Infrastructure to be virtualized and hosted, while the downed IT infrastructure is being addressed.
  • Hybrid Firewall – pre-configuration for customer firewall stored in the ABS Cloud, plus dedicated subnet; combine to accelerate production of the offsite DR instance.
  • Dedicated node - for instant DR availability, users can access a dedicated compute node running a VM instance of the IT environment.

Additional Benefits Included

ABS builds and monitors onsite appliances, proactively communicates issues, provides comprehensive hardware support, training and best practice guides, manages offsite infrastructure, and assists in DR situations.

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