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Hybrid Data Protection®

Enterprise-class data protection for local and offsite storage complete with bare metal backup and recovery capabilities. Leverage local disk-to-disk backup and recovery, plus advanced backup policies for customer data, applications, databases and operating systems. Recovery is flexible and hardware independent.

Local and Offsite Data Storage

Local & Offsite Storage

Achieve disk-to-disk backup and recovery efficiencies plus an additional layer of data security and redundancy. An initial data copy is stored locally on an ABS Continuity Appliance. Redundant copies are then replicated to geographically diverse data storage facilities.


Bare Metal Backup & Recovery

ABS Enterprise provides bare metal backup and hardware independent recovery for Windows servers and workstations across the organization. Images can be restored to and from physical systems and virtual environments - P2V, V2P and V2V.


The solution secures traditional data types: files, folders and databases as well as those from Microsoft Exchange® and Microsoft SQL®. Advanced policies go further to ensure complete system coverage.

A system image backup including user data, OS, applications, databases and configuration is secured. The image is stored locally on the ABS Continuity Appliance and replicated to redundant offsite data storage facilities. If a protected computer fails, the backup image can accessed in a virtual environment locally on the ABS Continuity Appliance or hosted at the primary datacenter.

Backup images can be:

  • Restored to the original server or workstation
  • Restored to replacement or temporary hardware
  • Accessed in a virtual instance within the datacenter or locally via an ABS Continuity Appliance
  • Mounted as a network drive for quick, reliable recovery

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