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Maximizing KSBR – ABS Enterprise

Advanced Backup Solutions (ABS), a member of the Kaseya Third Party Program, is offering an appliance-based onsite and offsite DR solution, integrated with Kaseya Backup and Restore (KSBR).

ABS Enterprise Diagram

Kaseya, StorageCraft, and ABS are setting the new standard for business continuity, providing the Kaseya Community with an advanced platform for enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery. ABS Enterprise eliminates traditional backup complexity through one solution, with central management via Kaseya Console and KSBR module.

Enabling a complete turn-key solution:

  •   • Advanced onsite ABS Continuity Appliance - custom designed for KSBR
  •   • Integration with the ABS DR Infrastructure – bi-coastal facilities
  •   • Appliances integrated with Kaseya – preconfigured with Kaseya agent
  •   • KSBR module – management thru a single pane of glass
  •   • Powered by award winning ShadowProtect technology

How it Works

KSBR, powered by StorageCraft, takes an initial full backup image including OS, applications, databases, user data and all configuration data. The image is stored locally on an ABS Continuity Appliance. After the initial backup, efficient incremental snapshots are taken; all data is securely replicated to ABS data storage facilities.

Onsite Virtualization

In the event of a downed server, through the Kaseya Console the effected server can be virtualized, using StorageCraft VirtualBoot technology, and hosted via the ABS Continuity Appliance.

Offsite Virtualization

For disaster or site-wide outages, users are re-routed to continue work by accessing a VM instance of the protected infrastructure via ABS Recovery Site, located at the primary datacenter.

ABS Enterprise Diagram

    Backup images can be:

  • Restored to the original, replacement or temporary hardware
  • Instantly mounted as a network share
  • Accessed in a virtual instance - onsite or offsite

ABS Continuity Appliance

Units are engineered for best practices support of StorageCraft ShadowProtect. Appliances are designed with Enterprise specifications, constructed with industry leading hardware, and leverage best-in-class IT processes. Each unit is pre-installed with the Kaseya Agent and configured to client specs for efficient field deployment.
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ABS DR Infrastructure

An innovative offsite DR platform engineered for the business continuity requirements of small and mid-sized businesses. Each appliance is integrated with the ABS DR Infrastructure to provide storage of backup data for offsite disaster recovery. For DR testing or a real occurrence, ABS offers flexible solutions to service a range of RTO requirements.
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Professional Services

ABS builds and monitors onsite appliances, proactively communicates issues, provides comprehensive hardware support, training and best practice guides, manages offsite cloud infrastructure, and assists in DR situations.

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